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Wine Flight: Identify how climate affects the taste of Pinot Noir!


Tackle the fascinating world of Pinot Noir, shake your senses and strengthen your wine knowledge with an intriguing Wine Flight our very first!

The taste profile of a Pinot Noir depends on the climate it grows in. This means that grapes grown in warm climate won’t have the same flavours and aromas as grapes grown in a cool climate.

So, here is the deal.

Try the below three Pinot Noirs that are produced in different countries / climates:

  1. Lost Angel, California (USA) – A warm climate
  2. Les Nuages, Loire (France) – A cool oceanic climate 
  3. Moon River, Neszmely (Hungary) – A warm climate

And tell us which one of the below two climates is warm or cool:

  1. Climate A offers more tart cranberry notes, herbal flavours, and a lighter body
  2. Climate B’s Pinot Noir smells more like sweet raspberry and cherry, with a bolder body

Let's see who will guess correctly!

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£15 for three 50ml glasses of Pinot Noir
Available anytime at B’acino until our next wine flight!