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Tormaresca Wine Tasting

Event's details:

Price: £45
Includes: 6 glasses of Tormaresca's wines (2 white, 1 rosé and 3 red) paired with 6 food specialties from Puglia
Tickets: Available on Eventbrite here or call us on 020 7392 8855


Tormaresca's brief description

Being the only producer with vineyards in both of Puglia’s elite wine growing regions, Tormaresca is bringing a whole new dimension to Italy’s world-class wine landscape.  

Like the modern art of a new era, Tormaresca combines local viticulture tradition that is thousands of years old with the modernism of new winemaking techniques to create wines that express themselves in a completely unique way! 


Tasting menu

Roycello, Salento Fiano, Tormaresca
paired with
Prawn Skewer – marinated in parsley and garlic oil

Pietra Bianca (Chardonnay/Fiano)
paired with
Moscardini in umido – baby octopus with spicy homemade tomato sauce

Calafuria Negroamaro Rosato, Tormaresca
paired with
Focaccia Pugliese – homemade focaccia cherry tomatoes, black olives and potatoes

Bocca di Lupo (Aglianico/Cabernet Sauvignon)
paired with
Spaghetti salsiccia e porcini – spaghetti with Italian fresh pork sausage and porcini mushrooms

Torcicoda (Primitivo)
paired with
Bombette Pugliese – veal stuffed with cheese and pancetta

Trentangeli, Tormaresca
paired with
Formaggio pugliese – Caciocavallo Affumigato