The Most Romantic Wines

'Where there is no wine, there is no love.'

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Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and it started us thinking about the concept of enjoying a special ‘romantic wine’.  Is there really such a thing as a wine to woo with?  Something so silky and seductive that it’s the go-to choice to celebrate the day of love?

Well of course, wine being wine you are always going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a bottle for a special occasion. Let’s start by turning the romance up a notch, and picking something that you and your loved one would not normally drink. Valentine’s is not your bog-standard kind of meal, irrespective of whether you're heading out to celebrate in a romantic restaurant, having fish and chips on the beach, or sitting on the sofa with a takeaway!

My go-to will always be Champagne. And it has to be pink. The colour, the light freshness and the fun bubbles really appeal to many seeking the perfect accompaniment for a romantic meal. And it’s mooted by many a sommelier. Rosé Champagne is renowned for its subtle red fruit aromas and flavours, and there is a fine choice from the Grande Marques on offer, namely Bollinger, Lanson, Laurent-Perrier and G H Mumm, to name a few.

With a range of depth, textures and flavours, it comes as no surprise that silky and seductive Pinot Noir is a coveted wine for Valentine’s Day. You’ll impress your date by splashing the cash on a PN. Alternatively, try a silky red Burgundy. These wines can be seductive on their own or perfect over dinner all night long. And for an exceptional wine, try a bottle from the vineyard of ‘Les Amoureuses’ in Burgundy, because it means ‘The Lovers’.

And now that we’re on a roll with romantically named wines, here’s a list of wines that are very apt for Valentine’s Day, which we thought you would enjoy:

  • Chateau Julien French Kiss 2013
  • Broc Cellars Love Red 2015
  • Château La Tour Carnet Médoc Passion 2009
  • Some Young Punks Cabernet Shiraz “Passion Has Red Lips” 2014
  • Mouton Noir Rosé Love Drunk 2015
  • Inspire Moore Love Riesling 2011
  • La Fleur Amour Merlot
  • Passion D’etoiles Pouilly-Fuissé 2014
  • Champagne Brut Amour De Deutz Vintage 2005

    *With big thanks to Vicki Denig who compiled this.

Wherever you are, and whomever you choose to spend it with, have a fabulous Valentine’s.

‘It’s all about the kisses that make you drunk’ xoxo


Judy Ciok