Dry January? Dry wine, dry gin… let’s go

Dry January.png

If you’re anything like us then you will have seriously overindulged in both the food and alcohol over the festive period. We've consumed our body weight in chocolate, Italian trifle and, bizarrely, roasted sprouts (we love this English peculiarity) – and, of course, gratefully accepted every offer of alcohol so as not to appear rude. “Why not?” is usually our mantra…

And now we start the New Year. It’s 2018, it’s January, the weather is miserable and everyone is miserable. But not at B’acino – no no! Whilst everyone else is contemplating not drinking alcohol for a month, we’re tasting one of our best wine lists you can imagine.

And here’s the thing. Dry January can equate to many things such as no socialising (don’t kid yourself), no dating, or playing taxi driver on a night out; but read this, and you may soon change your mind.

From the experts…

The British Liver Trust reports that one booze-free month alone has very few long-term health benefits.

(We concur.)

Any time alcohol-free is a good thing – however, they recommend it’s far healthier to drink moderately throughout the year, with a few dry days every week. 

(So that’s Sunday and Monday when we’re closed in the winter.)

And York University suggests that 31 days of abstinence acts as psychological "permission" to return to drinking as much as you like until next New Year's Day.

Health benefits?

And, let’s not forget that some forms of alcohol actually benefit our health. Red wine is packed with antioxidants that produce similar benefits to heart strength as physical exercise. So, 30 minutes sweating on the treadmill or a cuddle from a Cab Sav at the end of a long hard day?

Join us to have fun this weekend… and remember:

'It’s always about the kisses that make you drunk' xoxo



Judy Ciok