A short Italian inspired lunch time story

It's lunchtime, your stomach is rumbling, all you can think of is delicious traditional homemade pasta and therefore decide to treat yourself and go to the recently opened Italian wine bar restaurant located a few steps away from your office.

Once there, the enchanting scent of the freshly baked foccacia bread excites your senses and takes you back to Italy. At this point, you know you made a wise decision by taking a lunch break to come here. 


You look at the menu and as soon as your eyes come across the words "lasagna of the day" you immediately call the waitress to know what ingredients were used today. With a smile on her face, she answers "it is an open lasagna made with a traditional homemade beef & tomato sauce" and then added "the recipe comes from the chef's grandmother, a true Italian mama".


Without hesitation, you order one and, within moments, you have a first bite. At every mouthful, you close your eyes and enjoy all the dish's savorous flavours. You are not in London anymore; you are in Italy. 

At last, your stomach has stopped rumbling and you finally feel ready to tackle your workload. 

On your way back to the office, you tell yourself that you might have found the local gem you have been waiting for. 

Since then you have been there many times and when in a hurry you sometimes order your lunch and coffee to take away. 

Judy Ciok