Discover the Lazio wine region


Lazio – or Latium (its Latin name) – is the region in which one finds Rome, the so-called città eternal and capital city of Italy.


When thinking of Ancient Rome and its millennia of history, we could envision never-ending goblets of red wine being drunk in the Colosseum — but in fact, 80% of the wines produced in the area are white.


Lazio is a near perfect place for winemaking. The Mediterranean Sea is close by to mitigate the hot summer temperatures, and winters are mild. The area is made up of hills and mountains with a well-draining volcanic soil which is particularly suited to white wine production, as this give the grapes their acidity.


Wine was very important in the life of the Romans – it was a religious offering to the gods, as well as a daily staple on patrician and plebeian tables alike.



One of the region’s best-known wines has to be the Est! Est!! Est!!! - This is it! This is it!! This is it!!! in English. According to the legend, this name was born around 1111 when a German bishop on his way to Rome for Henry V’s coronation asked his servant to scout out inns and to write “Est!” on the walls of those serving his favourite wines.


When the servant sampled the white wines of Montefiascone, his enthusiasm knew no bounds and he wrote Est! Est!! Est!!! on the wall.


The region’s primary grape varieties are Malvasia (30%) and Trebbiano (28%). For a long time, these weren’t meant to be exported or aged. Today, with modern production techniques, the quality is much higher, the whites are lighter and crisper, but are still meant for consuming while young. 


Lazio counts three DOCGs, six IGPs and 27 DOCs, and whilst we can’t explain them all to you in one blog, the ones that you are most likely to find are:


  • Frascati & Est! Est!! Est!!! — Both whites made of a Malvasia / Trebbiano blend
  • Grechetto & Bellone, which are both a white wine variety
  • Cesanese, a red wine variety
  • “Super Lazio” Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Sangiovese, and Montepulciano Red Wine Blends


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Romain Renoux