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Starting from next week, Judy will be sharing with you a slice of her Polish culture by home brewing B'acino's very own Nalewka!

This typical Polish liqueur is usually made by macerating spice, herb and /or fruit with vodka or neutral spirit. Fruity Nalewka produced with morello cherry, apricot, blackberries or quince are among the most popular — but many liqueurs made of spices are also available. Depending on the ingredients used, Nalewki — plural of Nalewka — have specific names: morelówka is made with apricots, porzeczkówka with blackcurrants, wiśniówka with cherries, kardamonka with cardamom, krambambula with honey, and imbirowka with ginger. 


Nalewki are at the origin of many traditions. An old one, which is still current, claims that medium-dry and semi-sweet fruit Nalewka should be served with meat dishes, while sweet Nalewka is a dessert alcohol. Another tradition is to drink the fruit liqueur at a wedding that was first made when the bride or groom was first christened.

Older generations believed that some nalewki have a favorable influence on our health, and this belief persists to this day in some Polish families. For example, aged garlic nalewka is believed to improve immunity, while mint or anise liqueurs are thought to resolve digestive problems.

Whilst there is no scientific evidence that nalewki have health benefits, what is sure is that a shot of this Polish liqueur will always cheer you up!

in fact, is there any better way to finish a delicious meal than sipping on a delicious shot of homemade polish liqueur? 

We don't think so. 

That is why Judy asked her grandmother for her nalewki secret recipes and decided to offer you a free shot of home brewed liqueur after your meal in exchange of a little solidarity: your subscription to our newsletter.

We can't wait to share with you a slice of Judy's Polish tradition, and we look forward to seeing you very soon!  


Judy Ciok