B'acino Spanish inspiration: Gambas al Ajillo

It is by looking at our menus that one can truly appreciate the meaning of our tagline: "We are a little grape kiss that travelled the world to bring you a fusion of the best wine and food pairing". 

Of course, we have Italian roots — Chef Mirko, our name and most our delicious dishes and fine wines are Italian — but why limit ourselves to one country when our travels around the world have inspired us so much?

That's why today we are revealing to you more about the delicious Gambas al Ajillo Judy tried in Sevilla (picture below). After all, if she didn't fall in love with this succulent dish, you might have never found it in our "À la carte menu".

It is impossible to talk about Spanish cuisine without mentioning its succulent tapas. Tapas were born in the Middle Ages when Bodegas — Inns in English — offered their guests that couldn't read or write a sample of the dishes available. Today tapas have become sophisticated dishes and have kept their small size. 

One of the most famous Spanish tapas is unsurprisingly the Gambas al Ajillo. The two most basic ingredients of the Spanish cuisine are garlic and olive oil, and with almost 5,000 km of coastline the country has abundant fresh seafood.

Mostly served in south and central Spain, Gambas al Ajillo are made with prawns that are cooked in olive oil and garlic before being seasoned with other spices. 

At B'acino, Chef Mirko decided to do his own take on the classic tapas. Our king prawns are first marinated in garlic, parsley and chilli before being cooked with a fresh tomato sauce. 

We recommend pairing this delicious dish with a bottle of Bastianich Vespa Bianco (Italy, 2014) which will add fine notes of citrus and mineral to your experience. Or, if you want to keep it Spanish, try our Tomas Cusine Auzells (2015). This bright white wine, with aromas of apples, pears, mangos, apricots and citrus fruits has notes of aromatic herbs which will give an interesting twist to your tasting.

We hope this explosion of flavours and colours will transport your taste buds straight back to the Spanish coastline! 

Judy Ciok