Authentic Swedish meatballs

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As a little grape kiss that travelled the world, we take pride in bringing to your table the most classic dishes other cultures have to offer and, having the wonderful Rebecca in our team, we just couldn't resist sharing with you her country's national dish.

Even if you don't know much about Swedish cuisine you have most likely heard of and perhaps tried some Swedish meatballs - especially since IKEA took over the world and that its cafeteria is serving them. 

If you asked ten Swedes their Köttbullar med gräddsås (meatballs with cream sauce) recipe, chances are that you will get ten different answers. Of course there would be some similarities but most Swedes have their own way of making it, everyone will use a bit more or a bit less of this or that. 

However, all Swedes will agree that this tasty dish best accompaniments are pressgurka (pressed cucumber), rårörda lingon (lingonberry sauce) and potatismos (mashed potatoes).


At B'acino, we developed for Rebecca's grandmother's recipe to add a genuine Swedish touch to ours. 

The pork and beef meat balls are rolled by hand with delicious seasonings and the cream sauce is made with the juice from the meat and butter to give truly authentic flavours to this classic dish. 

Laid on a bed of homemade mash potatoes that was seasoned with a hint of nutmeg and then topped with gherkins, Mirko's köttbullar med gräddsås are served just like Rebecca's grandmother would for the greatest pleasure of our taste buds. 

Wondering what wine to pair with this dish?

The simplest dishes are very often the tastiest so why not add a little luxury to your experience with a crisp glass of prosecco like our Italian Vaporetto.

Smaklig måltid!!

Romain Renoux