Kaki artiste peintre at B'acino

Kaki is a self-taught artist painter. Her paintings are the fragments of her deep self, the expression of her life, her love affairs, her struggles and her fight against cancer. 

Like on the above painting she calls "Courage", the strong colours she always uses are witnessing those emotions. In "Courage", a canvas full of hope, she relates to her fight against cancer and quote Fenelon (XVII century) "Le vrai courage ne se laisse jamais abattre" - the true courage can never be defeated - because in the end we fight against the disease but we also fight to live, to love.

Kaki loves stories of strong and rebellious women like Alexandra David Neels, Frida Khalo, Emma Goldman and Rosa Park! She loves street artists, the instant, the colour. She loves the eyes, expressions, and non-eyes of Modigliani. She loves Mexican art, colourful flowered skulls and the positivity of their art because life and death could then be a celebration. She sees her art as a feast, without thinking, just living it, doing it, making it live.

Ultimately, what one must retain while contemplating her paintings is her love for life.

For our first exhibition, we couldn't be prouder to work with Kaki. We adore the omnipresence of the notion of love in her paintings! One of our favourite canvas is called "LOVE" (first picture below), is a painting on wood representing two lovers back to a bus stop "Always thinking of you, loving you, telling you".

We agree with Kaki, it is important to say I love you, we must not forget to say it, we have only one life and love is what fuels it.

YES, we absolutely adore Kaki's expression of love and are very delighted to share with you 10 of her most beautiful paintings. What's even better? All Kaki's paintings we are exposing are available for auction! So, come in our artistic wine bar restaurant today or stay tuned on social media to discover all her art and take your favourites home before someone else does. 

After all we are a little grape kiss that loves to love!




Romain Renoux