We are B’acino, a little grape kiss that travelled the world to bring you the most delicious, seasonal food and wine pairings.


A warm welcome awaits you from Judy and the team in this individual, neighbourhood
wine bar restaurant nestled in Shoreditch

Just like our wine list, we are focussed, balanced, dynamic and surprising. Even the most eccentric wine lovers will be delighted with our unique fine wines.

Our cuisine has Italian roots and is inspired by other cultures to express their own personality—just like us!

By creatively combining flavours and fragrances, we are taking you back to some of your sweetest memories: from the tenderness of your favourite childhood recipe to the spices encountered while travelling.

We will tickle your taste buds, feed your imagination and shake your senses in a quick journey around the world.

Welcome to B’acino, an atmospheric wine bar restaurant that treats you like a long lost friend and offers you something new to discover daily.


Judy's story and inspiration


Judy—B'acino's founder—grew up in Poland, where at a very young age she developed a strong passion for cooking fresh food and sharing quality times with her friends and family.

Adventurous and eager to learn more, she travelled the world to discover other cultures and became inspired by their traditional cuisine.

In London, Judy started a new journey within the hospitality industry and quickly became the wine lover and amazing host she is today.

Now, her appreciation for outstanding wines and quality food, coupled with her desire to share beautiful experiences around the table, has led her to create her very first venture, B'acino.

Expect to experience home-cooked Italian cuisine with a pinch of personality.